Short Film – Day by Day


Day by Day (2007), 15 min, Short film by Igor Matijević

We should be fascinated by never repeatable sunrises and sunsets the sky stages every day and every night. Each day has its own unique pattern and colors. So why do we mostly feel and see a gray toned variation of sameness day by day?

Short but penetrable film debut by Igor Matijević triggers our innermost fears. Those are sometimes too close and too obvious for us to acknowledge them. How are we really living day by day? The author manages to do this talk with the viewer with no words at all and by being painfully funny. How is that possible – one might ask? When you watch this short film the question answers itself. We are giggling toward the most natural and obvious answer, that still manages to surprise us in the most subtle way.

The plot is plain simple: we are invited to observe the main protagonist’s daily mundane existence that is just a walk between job, TV, and refrigerator. The main character playfully and innocently strikes us with the pattern the modern human being accepted as normal. It is not that through this short film Mr. Bean lookalike main character would transform into Neo and fight the Matrix. He simply steps out, shamelessly as a child would take yet another candy from the jar. Yes, we are The One to do it, suggests the film. Sometimes they call it all sorts of names, even miracles. Maybe life is just a beach. Certainly, we could be looking forward to what this filmmaker has to say to us next.

Katerina Ferkov