How to disable Caps Lock key in Windows?

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Caps lock is the dumbest key on the keyboard. It is located next to the letter A so it is highly likely that you press it by accident like every hour.
I hit it even more frequently. How to get rid of the annoying Caps Lock key in Windows XP?  I type fast, and with Caps Lock enabled I type terribly and not so fast anymore. I tried to get rid of it once and for all so I browsed for a fast solution. I came across numerous methods.  Some were really radical like removing the Caps Lock key in a mechanical manner – like with a screwdriver. I remember at that time it was the only simple solution I found. With other methods, you had to enter registry key manually and do all sort of things to it. Today after accidentally pressing the Caps Lock key for the 5th time in like half an hour I freaked out and I finally decided to find the solution.

Here is a trick to disable Caps Lock key:

If you don’t want to hack the registry, you can download CapsUnlock, which is a utility that can be started when you log in and have some interesting settings. You can enable the Caps Lock button back if you want by simply pressing the Caps Lock icon which sits in the system tray area of the taskbar.  But why on earth would you want to do that?

And it works! Everybody should run this little software. At least those who type on the computer.