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Making Storyboards with Excel and Adobe Premiere

The first part of a storyboard software is an ability to make frames. You can sketch them really easy or painstakingly model every frame in 3 D, which is an overkill. Once you have all frames collected, then comes the second part of a storyboarding program and it’s even more important than the first part: […]

Film Study – Noi the Albino

Recently I saw 3 films by an Icelandic director Dagur Kári. His first feature film Noi Albinoi is absolutely fantastic. What is really great about it is the tempo. The main character decides what he wants after more than an hour into the film. The slow tempo is suddenly disrupted with turning points that just won’t stop. The […]

Film Study – O’Horten

O’Horten is a very unusual film by the Norwegian film director Bent Hamer. The whole film explores the fact (premise) that almost everything comes too late in life – therefore nothing comes too late. The very solid structure of the film is hidden from the viewer. Scenes seem chaotic and weird but in reality, each one […]

Film Study – Lost in Translation

At the beginning of the film, we see character Bob observing Tokyo from his car. He notices a huge picture of him from a Whiskey commercial. That shot becomes unusual later (but only for few viewers who notice this detail) because he has just arrived in Tokyo to shoot that commercial. Lost in a Translation […]

Basic Rules of Screenwriting

Above is a mind map picture with main rules which should be followed if you want to write a script. The list of rules can overwhelm a novice writer. If he decides to follow them it’s highly likely that his work will be average at best. Two most important rules of an original script After […]

How to disable Caps Lock key in Windows?

The best software for screenwriting to start with is definitely CapsUnlock. Caps lock is the dumbest key on the keyboard. It is located next to the letter A so it is highly likely that you press it by accident like every hour. I hit it even more frequently. How to get rid of the annoying Caps […]


If you bid on eBay this is a program you must have. Let’s say you want to buy a lens. You bid for it, then you wait and wait, and after 3 days you get outbid. Now you must find another seller of that lens and repeat the procedure. With Gixen you can bid for several […]


Short Film – Dark is the Night

Screenplay for a Horror Short Film Parody Main Idea to make a short horror movie with as many terrible horror cliches possible. To make them so obvious that they become bizarre. To start with a genre of a horror movie and slowly progress toward comedy. Premise Fear the fear itself. Tag-Line They came to the […]